AM Security Antenna

AM security antenna
  • Dual Antenna
  • Single Antenna
  • Loop Systems – no antenna required

Sensormatic AM Labels

Self Adhesive AM Labels as used in Pharmacies worldwide. Can be used to protect virtually any item in your pharmacy.

Carton Quantity: 5,000

Insertable AM Labels

Perforate seals with the pointed label and conceal labels inside packaging. Compatible with all AM system. Power deactivator required to deactivate pointed labels.

Carton Quantity: 5,000

AM Power Deactivator

Designed to deactivate AM labels either on the outside or hidden inside packaging. Unit will ‘beep’ to inform you that label was found and deactivated.

Pencil Tag

A cost effective and efficient way of displaying blades and other products on open display.

Pack Tag

Protects batteries, cameras and many other items with the euro slot / hang tab.


Available in a wide range of sizes Safers provide maximum security for shaving / health and beauty products.

Spiderwrap Tag

Secure high value boxed items including electrical goods, health and beauty products, gift sets, etc.The Spiderwrap can be used with or without a security ‘Tagging’ System.