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Mercury Systems offer widest range of security tagging products to suit any Supermarket/Off Licence/Convenience Store. For more details, please see our products page, or call us to arrange a no obligation site survey. Based in Ashbourne, Co. Meath, we provide a nationwide service to the Retail, Clothing, Pharmacy, Convenience and Supermarket security sectors.

New Covid 19 Temperature Workplace Screening Package

As the government’s roadmap unfolds and many businesses are now re-opening, though with a new normal in place, Mercury Systems are delighted to announce a new solution to protect workplaces and central areas from Covid-19.  Our Covid-19 Temperature Workplace Screening Package is available now.

This solution is ideal for office buildings, government agencies, hospitals, factories, banks and central distribution centres. We have more information including a demonstration video you can see by clicking here on our website.

If you have any questions or want to talk solutions, contact Tom Dunlea today and see how we can support your return to business while maintaining social distancing and protecting yourselves, staff and customers from covid.

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Solutions for Covid-19 Restrictions

Mercury Systems have some very useful features available to assist with Covid-19 issues. Find out more here.
Key Features:

Occupancy Displayed on screen at entrance. Maximum can be set by client and ‘Traffic Light’ displayed on screen  customer can also set bespoke messages.

Text/email message can be sent to management/store security when store reaches a pre-determined threshold also management can view live data inline via web portal.

Queue Management

Social Distancing – sensors placed at the checkouts will alert customers if they breach the 2m social distance guidelines.

Occupancy widget can be placed on the store website if desired – customers can then choose when to visit based on occupancy. This will help with queues outside stores.


We will be adding to this information, in order to demonstrate how our solution can help streamline your operations while maintaining social distancing.

We are here to help you during this crisis and beyond. Read more here.

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Retailers reach out to Suppliers in fight against shoplifting

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Mercury scoops Business Growth Award in Madrid

Alan Phelan, MD, Mercury Systems is pictured being presented with a 2019 Business Runner-Up Awards for sales development in the EMEA region, by the Sensormatic Solutions management team in Madrid recently. “We are delighted with this Award,” Alan says. “Coming second in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region for sales growth, we are clearly doing something valuable for our customers. I believe that this growth can be solely attributed to the effectiveness of our systems to the end users’ bottom line.”

Fast Forwarding Retail was the theme of the Sensormatic Solutions Business Partners & Retailers Conference held over several days in Madrid in April 2019. The focus was on market intelligence, competitive analysis and loyalty in action, as well as Security, Shrink and Store Performance with new developments presented in Global Loss Prevention.

As well as scooping the business sales Award, Alan noted Sensormatic’s continuous commitment to move into the future, by bringing together online, mobile and in-store shopping strategic insights: “We look forward to offering our customers these scalable solutions, which can enable our retailers to improve their store performance. Mercury Systems can provide customers with actionable insights, which can add value to the operations of their store. For us, it’s about return of investment, with each tailored solution we provide.”

The Conference also focused on integration of three sets of data over a single platform to give increased customer value: Inventory intelligence, Loss prevention and Traffic insights. The political, social, economic and technological changes continue to impact us, this means  that Shrink is likely to go up, however the form and shape may be different, so retailers must be prepared.

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Now Supplying Sensmax!

Mercury Systems is delighted to announce that we’ve added Sensmax as our Wireless and External People Counter Supplier.
Retail people counting system SensMax helps you to track the number of potential customers visiting your retail stores.

Installing SensMax retail traffic counters, gives you more data for business decisions related to marketing activities, staff work schedule and salespeople efficiency that leads to profitability increase and improvements in operational efficiency. People counting sensors are wireless devices, so it is easy to install them without any cabling works.

You can set up financial data import from POSes using built-in data import constructor.

Read more about the types of systems we can provide and how they can improve your business.

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Loss prevention this Christmas

It’s barely Halloween but the Christmas wares have already begun to appear in the shops. The walls of selection boxes that send consumers into a frenzy are already lining supermarket back-walls. We’ll be listening to ‘he’s making a list and checking it twice..’ before the last leaves have fallen off the trees.  So what does that mean for retailers?
In order to ensure you are ready for the Christmas shopping period, consider now,
how you can reduce loss this year and prepare for the season ahead?
Have you begun recruiting your seasonal staff and have you put enough time into ensuring they are well trained and able to work with you as the retailer to reduce loss?  It can be a challenging time for your staff with additional point of sales perhaps in operation, a fast pace as people rush through lists, expectation of late nights and extra hours.

Shoppers cram a year’s worth of gifts and food shopping into a short timespan, with 45% of the total traffic for Christmas predicted by ShopperTrak to take place over 10 days. Its worth checking out their infographic as while US themed on dates, very often the Irish market follows US trends.

Your staff are your best asset in relation to preventing loss in store – give them the training and support that they need to deal with the increased traffic.

Here’s a Christmas list that may serve to reduce loss and therefore bring joy and good tidings to retailers:

ensure staff are aware of the impact of the season on the overall profits of the shop
brief all staff, especially new members of staff, on seasonal policies or additional procedures that might help them to react appropriately
provide training on loss prevention […]

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Shrinkage – how you can prevent it

Supermarket and local shops worldwide lost $9 billion in shrinkage over the past year according to the Sensormatic Global Shrink Index 2018 (search online via hastag #GlobalShrinkIndex).

Anti-theft tags,  such as Bottlelox, offer innovative designs to protect retailers’ on-the-floor goods from shoplifting.

With alcohol, razors and fresh meat being the three most vulnerable items in a supermarket – can you afford not to protect your stock?

Find out what options Mercury Systems has to suit your needs and gear up for the shopping season ahead – click here or contact Tom Dunlea.


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SuperValu Glenamaddy sees EAS tagging results

We believe that our products work to help loss prevention – however there is nothing as compelling as a case study or feedback from a customer who has installed one of our systems to notable success. This is the feedback from SuperValu Glenamaddy, on how EAS Tagging has been effective for their store:

“In June of 2017 we approached Mercury Systems with regards to EAS Tagging solutions to protect Alcohol, Meat, Healthcare and Deli Products.

I would recommend a Mercury EAS Tagging system and the use of bottlelox for both wine and spirits to cut down on theft.” Tony Gibbons, Supervalu Glenamaddy

Contact us to find out about a workable solution for your premises.

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How Under Armour introduced a game-changing loss prevention strategy

After establishing a new standard for electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology for its North American stores, Under Armour does have one lingering regret. “I could kick myself for not discovering this solution sooner,” said Sean Donnelly, Director of Global Retail Asset Protection and Investigations for the premier activewear giant.

“I kicked myself for not actively looking earlier, and for not challenging my team to be looking,” said Donnelly. “My advice to other AP leaders is to not write things off by thinking that something looks too good to be true. Be open to challenging the status quo and willing to put new solutions to the test. We learned that openness pays big dividends, and it’s an important part of servicing any rapidly growing business that prides itself on innovation.”

You can read the full whitepaper here

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Mercury adds Sensormatic to product range

Mercury Systems are delighted to announce that we are now authorised distributors of  the full range of Tyco/Sensormatic EAS ‘Tagging’ products throughout Ireland.

Sensormatic are known as the premium worldwide manufacturer of AM EAS ‘Tagging’ Systems.

“We are delighted to add this premium brand to our product portfolio,” Alan Phelan, M.D., Mercury Systems. “We are consistently working to enhance our product offering to our customers and we are confident that the Sensormatic  products will be a successful addition to Mercury Systems.”

Mercury Systems is Ireland’s leading supplier of retail loss prevention systems. We provide a nationwide service to the Retail, Clothing, Pharmacy and Supermarket security sectors. We tailor our products to your needs, ensuring your success, whatever the sector.



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