Mercury Group can guide you through the many ways of determining the performance of your stores. Our Customer Counting solutions collect and report on the number of visitors to your store.

This data provides invaluable business information.

Mercury Group uses Vemco Group Software to bring you world-class solutions for customer counting.

With over 17 years of experience, Vemco Group is a world-leading data analytics software company, specialising in footfall data, customer behaviour, and business optimisation. With its HQ based in Denmark and local support and sales offices in the UAE, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and North America, the company consists of a highly professional team of experts ready to serve a global clientele in close collaboration with partners, such as Mercury Group, across 95+ countries.

Act on certainty rather than intuition and turn your data into insight that allows you to make fact-based predictions and act in time. 

The company employs the best and most innovative sensor technology on the market to ensure that its highly developed retail analytics software has at least 98% accuracy in its data collection. This way, it transforms the collected data into valuable analytics, helping our clients optimise their business operations, enhance the customer experience, and maximise profits.


Customer Counting Solutions

Configurable and user-friendly software that helps you understand:

Footfall Numbers & Analyses

Count the total visitor numbers to identify peak times during your chosen time frame. Understanding peak hours, days, or months helps you plan for future events by ensuring you have allocated the needed number of resources.

Staff Management

Exclude staff from visitor counts to ensure accuracy in all your data collection. By knowing the exact number of visitors, you can use historical data to identify when and where to allocate staff. This way, you can prevent lost sales opportunities and optimise your understaffed or overstaffed hours.

vemcount dashboard 1

Sales Conversion Rates & Capture Rates

Gain valuable insight into a long list of KPIs that help you understand how sales correlate to data and make fact-based decisions accordingly. Discover sales and conversion rates to measure your store’s performance.


Occupancy Management

Keep track of the exact number of visitors inside your store to understand occupancy levels. Should the maximum capacity be reached, you can stay alert and ensure safety measures are being upheld. This way, you can optimise the overall customer experience, as your visitors leave your store with a pleasant feeling.


Customer Journey

Understanding the customer journey is an essential part of store optimisation. Our solution tracks your visitors throughout their entire stay to help you discover how their journey correlates with their transactions. By integrating our solution with your preferred POS system, you gain insight into which sections of your store caused your customers to complete their purchases.


Heatmaps – Hot & Cold Zones

Understand where your visitors are spending their time and detect dwell areas to help enhance your marketing strategies and optimise your store layout. Heatmaps provide a graphic overview of your visitors’ walking patterns by identifying hot and cold zones to help you understand which areas and spaces within your store are attracting the most visitors.


Gender Distribution

Capture the demographics of your incoming visitor traffic to gain valuable customer insight that helps you make strategic decisions surrounding product displays, advertising, and inventory. Our sensors are designed to differentiate between males and females for full store optimisation.


Queue Management

By tracking people’s journeys, including flow, dwell time, and dwell zones, you gain valuable data that helps you manage and calculate queue lengths. Our highly accurate sensor technology is implemented to monitor crowding patterns, enabling you to predict when and where queues tend to occur. This insight helps you enhance the overall customer experience by organising your staff to meet the occupancy levels.