OPTION 1: People Counter with display


  • Easy installationSDI Standalone
  • Long battery life
  • Distortion indication
  • Easy to read count value

The PRx10D1 – PTx10-1 is a battery powered unidirectional people counter set. The principle is based on the interruption of a horizontal infrared beam. The transmitter PTx10-1 transmits the infrared beam to the receiver.

When this infrared beam is interrupted, e.g. by a person, the receiver detects this and will increase the count value on the display.

Because of the innovative use of electronics, the counter can run for approximately 4 years on one set of batteries, without compromising the counting distance.

 OPTION 2:   USB People Counter

SDI counter

  • Easy Installation
  • Extreme low power
  • Standard wide opening capability up to 10m / 33ft
  • Battery lifetime up to 4 year
  • ENI©: Enhanced Noise Immunity (DSP Technology)
  • Download of data using USB Stick
  • Storage for over a month of minutely data
  • Internal date and time
  • Free software

The counter sensors of SDI stand out in terms of simple installation, extreme low power and wide opening capability of up to 10m or 33ft. Standard AA batteries last even up to 4 year! This counter is very useful for generating minutely data. Data can be downloaded to the SensorServer using a standard USB Stick.

The USB version can make distinction in in-and outgoing persons by using the Bi-Directional version. By means of advanced techniques and protocols, it is possible to detect the direction of the person walking through the horizontal beam. Both numbers are available in the SensorServer. The SDI People Counter sensors are designed to count people, hands and fingers are not counted.

The Bi-Directional counter sensors are equiped with Enhanced Noise Immunity. This ENI is based on DSP technology. It filters out infrared and electrical disturbance.

Data Access and Availability

SensorServer – Free software

The SensorServer is the software package for our People Counter network, which is installed on a PC or server. Because the SensorServer is installed on your own server or PC, the generated People Counting data will remain in your network.

Data sent from the Counter/Sensors will be received by the SensorServer and stored in the database, which can store millions of data records, such as the count value of a given date and time. The functionality of the system is also monitored to make sure it is always operating properly.

A web based report environment called EasyReports will provide data statistics reports in table and graph form. Here are some examples of the reports from the EasyReports application. Daily reports can also be scheduled via email.