People Counting Retail Analytics System for 2019

This not only gives you standard reporting from typical camera counters, but includes turn-in rate, return customer and dwell time. The system also gives you a cross-shopper report which enables you to track customer flow across multiple stores.

Accurate 3D Counting Technology

  • Picture iconsAdvanced processing allows the counter to count side-by-side traffic and avoid shopping trolleys and prams.
  • Integrated WiFi Counting — by combining Video and WiFi, we can measure conversion rates, dwell time, turn-in rates, return customer data, cross shopping etc.
  • All data is available online, on your own server, or through multiple types of automated reports.

 The analytics software is web based.

  • Sample of a Footfall Counter Dashboard

    Sample of a Footfall Counter Dashboard

    The software will gather all of the footfall and WiFi data and present the data to meaningful business metrics.

  • There are over 15 predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and over 60 reports, all included in the standard software package.
  • Data API are available for data export to allow integration with sales data to generate conversion reports.
  • Suitable for all retail operations, museums, libraries, shopping centres, etc.

Counter Specification

counter specifications