3D Overhead People Counting

3D Overhead People Counting with WiFi and Retail Analytics

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There are many ways of the determining performance of your stores.

Mercury’s Easi/Count Customer Counting solutions collect and report on the number of visitors to your store. This data provides invaluable business information.

This data can be used to:

  1. Compare customers to transactions and therefore calculate conversion ratios (per hour/day/week etc)
  2. Maximise marketing efficiency by monitoring customer traffic in response to marketing campaigns/promotions
  3. Optimise staffing levels and increase customer service
  4. Learn by comparing stores/regions and make use of best case examples in your organisation
  5. Incentivise staff/managers based on Conversion reports.
  6. Determine average spend per visitor and investigate ways of increasing spend
  7. No Staff interaction required
  8. Customer Counting data is available ‘on line’ and/or via weekly report