Utilising the latest Digital Video Recorders, we can combine both CCTV and Till Monitoring, enabling simultaneous recording of up to 16 cameras and 4 till areas.

The benefits of a Digital CCTV system are numerous. It can help in the prevention of shoplifting, vandalism, employee theft and other losses that occur due to lack of supervision.

All products provided by Mercury Systems are custom designed whether it is a single camera or a multi-site digital recording system.

  • Record every incident that occurs on your premises.
  • Capture and record all activity in public areas.
  • Provide video and audio evidence to discount any false claims.
  • Reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Print still images to a standard PC printer.
  • Any video evidence can be taken simultaneously from all cameras, copied to CD-R, and then played back on any PC.

Why us?

Mercury Systems choose only the best brand name products from the variety of equipment available, thus ensuring it’s customers the best possible pictures at competitive prices.
Protect your staff and your property.