Mercury Systems customer, Richard Quinn, store owner of Centra Poppintree and Centra Hampton Wood recently undertook a trial of Mercury Systems EAS Tagging.

centra hampton wood externalThe purpose was to assess the effectivity of EAS Tagging of deli product against theft and unintentional walkouts. This took place over 8 weeks in the Centra Poppintree and Hampton Wood stores.

Security Products Used

The type of products used were Sensormatic Ultra Post Antennas, Sensormatic Power Deactivators and Sensormatic AP Security Labels.

Pre-trial theft Levels

Before beginning the trial the store owner conducted his own research to determine shrink value per week for both locations. Centra Poppintree were losing 12 items per day at a value of €350 per week, while Hampton Wood lost 5 items per day at a value of €150 per week.


The store owner instructed staff that during the course of the trial all product purchased over €3.00 from the deli department was to receive a security label.

quinns logoTrial Results                                   

In Centra Poppintree the shrink value was reduced by 89% per week of the pre-trial shrinkage, giving a return of investment in the systems used of 16 weeks.

Centra Hampton Wood reduced its shrinkage by 87.5% of the pre-trial shrink value. On both stores the savings made demonstrates a return of investment in security systems of less than 35 weeks.




centra finglasBased on the above figures and customer feedback supplied to us from the Centra Poppintree & Hampton Wood store owner, we can come to the conclusion that EAS tagging of deli product has a significant impact on reducing theft and unintentional walkouts.

Additionally, based on the above percentages, most stores will see ROI within 16 to 35 weeks.

This is very compelling evidence of the success of EAS tagging in reducing shrinkage.

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