Detection Systems

Mercury Systems can offer antenna configurations to suit any Hardware or Garden Centre.

For more details, please see DETECTION SYSTEMS, or call us to arrange a no obligation site survey.

Versa Pin

Works similar to a lanyard

Cannot be cut due to strong metal loop

Versatile – use on items of varying sizes

Easy to apply

Highly durable

Golf Tag

Dome tag with integrated pin

Available with or without ink


Available with double loops or loop and pin to attach to security tag

Compatible with most tags

Ideal for non standard applications

Mouse Tag

Small discrete tag with integrated lanyard

Quick and easy to use

Hang Tag

Protects batteries, cameras and many other items with the

euro slot/hang tab.

Cable Tag

Easy to use just clip it on.

Ideal for electrical goods, power tools and hand tools, paint cans

 and tins


Spider Wrap

Allows open display, adjusts to fit all product sizes.

3 way protection – self alarming, alarms when tampered with,

alarms when passing the tagging system

Security Labels

Providing a more flexible solution to protecting small items.

Available in various shapes and can be used on virtually any item in

your store.