The CCTV industry is changing – if you are looking to install a CCTV surveillance system, an important consideration is whether to go with IP or Analogue cameras, and the recording system requirements.

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Mercury Systems can help you to make this decision. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.


A professional IP Megapixel system will deliver a far superior image to an analogue System. This can be particularly beneficial in certain circumstances eg. Money Note identification, Car Registration plates etc. Fewer cameras may be required if positioned correctly.


Site cabling requirements are easier to implement and existing infrastructure may be suitable

Image storage

If set at higher quality settings, Megapixel cameras will use a vast amount of hard drive space – ensure that your recorder is specified with sufficient memory.

Hybrid Systems

If you have an existing Analogue CCTV system, a hydrid Digital Recorder will continue to record your analogue cameras but also allow you to add a number of IP cameras.
The design and implementation of an IP system is critical for both performance and reliability.
Mercury Systems will carry out a comprehensive Site Survey and Risk Evaluation to determine the best solution.