Main Screen:

geo v6v7 user interface

The controls in the Video/Audio Log window:

1 Exit Exits or minimises ViewLog.
2 Date Display Indicates the date of the playback video.
3 Time Display Indicates the time of the playback video.
4 Playback Speed Indicates the playback speed. X1 represents normal playback speed.
5 Playback Panel Contains typical playback control buttons.
6 Scroll Bar Scrolls forward or backward of the playback video.
7 Function Panel Provides various settings for ViewLog.
8 Normal Mode Calls up the file tree and video event list.
9 Advanced Search Selects the basic or advanced search.
10 Camera Select Selects a desired camera for single, thumbnail, quad, or multi view.
11 View Mode Selects different screen layouts.
12 Camera Name Displays the camera ID.

Logging in:
1. Click button ‘1’, on the Multicam Main Screen.
2. Click Login/Exchange User.

geo login

3. When the login box pops up, enter your User ID and Password. Click OK to login.

geo login 2


4. A user name and password can be obtained from Mercury Systems.

1. Click Button 7 and then Video/Audio Log


geo video audio log

2. Select Camera, Date and Time from column on right of screen and use the play, pause and rewind buttons etc on bottom of screen to perform desired functions.

geo playback screen

Geovision offers two search methods: the Basic and Advanced allowing you to locate a video event within a certain date, time or camera.

Basic Search
1. Click the Advanced button and select Basic Search.
2. Specify a desired date and time.
3. Click the Search button for the search.
4. If the specified time can’t be found, a prompt will appear for you to select a next or previous video event.

geo controls

Advanced Search
1. Click the Advanced button and select Advanced Search.
2. Specify the desired date, time period, and cameras for search.
3. Click OK to start search.
4. In the Video Event list, the events matching the search criteria will be highlighted in grey colour.

Backing up files to CD:
NB: Approximately 60 minutes of footage from 1 camera can be stored on 1 CD. Dates, times and cameras, to be recorded should be written down before starting. Also ensure that a CDR or CDRW type CD is used. DVD’s can also be used if the CCTV recorder supports them, i.e. DVD rom drive and correct software.
1. Insert blank disk into drive.
2. Click button 1 and then minimise to minimise software.
3. Click start, programs, GV-650 (GV-800, GV-1120, etc), then Geovision Backup System.

geo backup1


Note: two arrows at the bottom of the Programs popup means there are more items available to view in the popup.
4. This brings up the following DMBackUp window.

geo dm backup window

5.Click the Backup button, geo bacup icon
on the toolbar to bring up the following Backup Log box.

6.Enter start time,end time and select the cameras you want to backup.

geo backup select cameras

7. After entering the above settings, click OK to bring up the following window. This shows the information about the backup files.
geo backup size

8. Click OK if the information is correct.
9. You will be prompted to paste the files to the CD. Click ok.
10. Click X in the top right corner to close the DMBackup.
11. Now you must use NERO CD writing software.

NERO CD writing software
1. Click start, programs, NERO, NERO OEM then NERO EXPRESS. Or, click the Nero Express icon on the desktop.

geo nero select 1

2. When Nero opens and you’re asked, “what would you like to burn”, click Data and then Data Disc.

geo nero 2

3. Right click on the white section of the box and click PASTE.

geo nero paste screen

4. Click Next then Burn.
5. Follow the on screen instructions and the files will be written to the cd.

Playback of CD on another PC:
NB: CD Must be checked on DVR/PC before giving to relevant parties
1. Insert the CD.
2. The CD should Autorun and run the Viewlog application.
3. If the CD fails to Autorun.
4. Double click My Computer
5. With CD in relevant disc drive, double click CD icon.‘EZViewLog500’
6. The Video/Audio Log window will open as normal with only the recorded video available to view

geo ez viewlog button