Logging in:
1. Using the mouse, enter the 1- to 8-character PIN (Personal Identification Number) code assigned by Mercury Systems.

Intellex Enter Pin

2. Click OK. The main screen appears.

Main Screen:

Intellex Main Screen


Intellex Controls

1. Click the jog shuttle control or a VCR button to open playback mode.

Intellex play button
Intellex vcr control

2. Click a button to select a camera (its number) or cameras (1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4).
3. Drag and drop the selected camera buttons to multi-screen panes.
4. Use the slider to approximate the player’s position.

Intellex slider

5. Click the jog shuttle control or the VCR’s middle button to pause playback mode.
6. Click Close to exit playback mode.

Searching Footage:
1. Take note of dates and times of footage required.
2. From the main screen click the search Icon

Intellex search screen 1

3. Click the Date/Time tab

Intellex search screen 2

4. Click the play icon to view footage for selected date and time.
5. Click the close icon to return to main screen.

Backup to CD:

1. Insert blank CD or DVD media into the drive.
2. From the control bar, click Play to begin playback.
3. Move the slider to the location where video clip begins.
4. Click start flag

Intellex start flag
to define the beginning of a video clip.

5. Move the slider to the right to select the length of the video clip.
6. Click end flag
Intellex end flag
to define end of video clip.
7. Click Export. A screen appears with exported video clips.
8. Highlight the clip to export.


Intellex Export list


9. Check the Select box of any additional clips to include in the export.
10. Click Export to export to CD or DVD.
11. The Export Directory dialog appears. Click Include player application on export media to include the Intellex Player.
Intellex include player

12. Click Export to CD-R(W) to write the selected video clips to the CD or DVD.
13. Click Export. The export begins.