Log in:

1. User must log in with correct username and password supplied by Mercury Systems in order to play, search or backup footage.
xeno 1


1. Move mouse cursor to bottom of screen to force Menu pop up.

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2. Click on any camera picture to select the relevant camera to view

3. Press play button. This will play the most recent event.

4. Use fast forward, rewind etc as desired.


1. Right click on mouse button.

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2. Scroll down to Search title.

3. Move to Date/Time title. Click Date/Time.

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3. In the Date/Time Search menu click on the desired date from calendar.

4. Select desired Start time and press play icon at bottom of screen to view footage.

5. To return to Live view right click on mouse and scroll to Exit



1. Enter Usb drive or blank cd

2. Right click on mouse button.

3. Scroll to Backup title.

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4. In Backup menu, select cameras to backup.

5. Enter start time and end time

6. Ensure to check box titled Auto Player

7. Select Device from dropdown eg. CDrom or Usb drive

8. If required a file name and password can be added to footage. If a name or password is not required then the fields are left blank.

9. Press Start icon

10. Wait for process to complete

11. Check footage on another PC before sending to a third party to ensure the correct footage has been burned