Pictured is Nedap Key Account Manager, UK/Ireland, Phil George, talking to Mercury Systems’ Tom Dunlea, at the Nedap Partner Event 2019, held in The Hague recently.

At the event, a Nedap key speaker stressed the importance of EAS Source Tagging in the fight against shoplifting. It was emphasised that there’s little use installing expensive security systems, without using labels and tags. In particular, Suppliers can help by source tagging product at meat factories/vineyard or warehouse.

Source Tagging is the application of EAS security tags at the source of the product. Suppliers or manufacturers tag the products before shipping them to the retailer. “There are a number of key advantages to the Retailer, as source tagging eliminates the labour cost of applying the labels and gets merchandise onto the shelf faster,” noted Tom Dunlea. “There are other factors that are appealing, such as security labels applied inside product packaging and for the Supplier, preserving the product’s attractive appearance. But the key advantage, we would emphasise, is that Source Tagging makes labels easier to conceal and therefore harder to remove.”

To reduce economic shrinkage in their stores, one major retailer is now Source Tagging a selection of high shrinkage products such as meat, wines and spirits, health and beauty products from suppliers across several countries.

“It will be interesting to watch the results of this endeavour,” adds Tom Dunlea. “This could go from being a preference to a necessity before we know it.”

For more information on Source Tagging, labels and tags and their advantages, see www.mercurysystems.ie.