We believe smart stores are the future. Stores where interactive shopping fuses the experiences of online and physical shopping, drawing in new customers. We are constantly working on applications that make this possible.

  • Our RFID-based solutions will also revolutionize small-scale logistics, making inventory management and tagging a breeze.
  • It can generate more specific customer data than your current EAS system.
  • It will tell you which items in your store generate the most traffic, which attract the most interest and which are selling fastest. This information will help you manage your inventory so you never have to say ‘no’ to your customers.

RFID frees up staff: time-consuming tasks like tagging can be done earlier in the supply chain, allowing your employees to focus on customers.

Make the transition to RFID if you’re concerned about the cost of migrating to RFID-based EAS, you can breathe easily. There’s no need to replace your EAS all at once.

Our RFID EAS system can be phased in one store at a time. We can make the transition process even smoother by supplying both RFID hardware and software, a solution that will save you time and money.

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