Mercury Systems have some very useful features available to assist with Covid-19 issues. Find out more here.


Key Features:


  • Occupancy Displayed on screen at entrance. Maximum can be set by client and ‘Traffic Light’ displayed on screen  customer can also set bespoke messages.
  • Text/email message can be sent to management/store security when store reaches a pre-determined threshold also management can view live data inline via web portal.
  • ATTENTIONQueue Management
  • Social Distancing – sensors placed at the checkouts will alert customers if they breach the 2m social distance guidelines.
  • Occupancy widget can be placed on the store website if desired – customers can then choose when to visit based on occupancy. This will help with queues outside stores.



We will be adding to this information, in order to demonstrate how our solution can help streamline your operations while maintaining social distancing.

We are here to help you during this crisis and beyond. Read more here.